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Our Nationwide Awards for 2017  

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s PGGWRE awards from the Bay of Plenty, Central Plateau and Waikato region. It is a wonderful opportunity to recognise people’s outstanding achievements throughout the last financial year.

> Bay of Plenty - Winner, Top Rural Region for 2016/17


> Waikato - Winner, Top Lifestyle Region for 2016/17


Cambridge Office

Scott Borland_BOP_Waikato_C Pl Martin Lee_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Scott Borland
> Excellence in Auctions
> 2nd Lifestyle - Total Revenue

Martin Lee
> 3rd Lifestyle - Total Revenue


Hamilton Office

Neale Grubb_BOP_Waikato_C Pl Richard Thomson_BOP_Waikato_C Pl Russell Thomas_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Neale Grubb
> 8th Lifestyle - Total Revenue 

Richard Thomson
> 1st Unit Sales - Lifestyle
> 4th Lifestyle - Total Revenue

Russell Thomas
> 6th Lifestyle - Total Revenue

Tauranga Office

Andrew Fowler_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Andrew Fowler
> Excellence in VPA
> 1st Lifestyle - Total Revenue
> 5th Rural - Total Revenue

Te Kuiti Office

Peter Wylie_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Peter Wylie
> 2nd Rural - Total Revenue

Te Puke Office

Stan Robb_BOP_Waikato_C Pl David McLaren_BOP_Waikato_C PlScott Cameron_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Stan Robb
> Total Revenue - Super Supreme Award
> 1st Unit Sales - Rural
> Single Largest Sales

Dave McLaren
> Marketing Excellence

Scott Cameron
> Marketing Excellence

Waihi Office

Wendy Matutinovich_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Wendy Matutinovich
> 5th Residential - Total Revenue

Whakatane Office

Phil Goldsmith_BOP_Waikato_C Pl

Phil Goldsmith
> 10th Rural - Total Revenue


Contact the Bay of Plenty/Waikato Regional Managers:

Bay of Plenty/ South Waikato/Central Plateau Regional Manager - Mike McCullough | 027 479 4910

Waikato/King Country Regional Manager - Sloan Morpeth | 027 489 4667

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