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Our National Awards for 2017

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s PGGWRE awards. It is a wonderful opportunity to recognise people’s outstanding achievements throughout the last financial year. 

> Southland - Winner, Top Residential Region for 2016/17

Alexandra Office

Jo Priebee_Otago_Sthlnd

Jo Priebee
>2nd Residential - Total Revenue
>7th Lifestyle - Total Revenue

Cromwell Office

Jo Nieper_Otago_SthlndNeil Bulling_Otago_Sthlnd

Jo Nieper
>9th Residential - Total Revenue

Neil Bulling
>10th Residential - Total Revenue



Dunedin Office

Pam Forrester_Otago_SthlndStewart Rutter_Otago_SthlndJason Rutter_Otago_Sthlnd

Pam Forrester
>7th Residential - Total Revenue

Stewart Rutter
>8th Rural - Total Revenue

Jason Rutter
>7th Rural - Total Revenue

Invercargill Office

Kelvin Moylan_Otago_SthlndAndrew PattersonOtago_Sthlnd

Kelvin Moylan
>4th Residential - Total Revenue

Andrew Patterson
>3rd Rural - Total Revenue

Te Anau Office

Sandra Macnamara_Otago_Sthlnd

Sandra Macnamara
>Total Overall Unit Sales
>1st Unit Sales - Residential
>1st Residential - Total Revenue



Contact the Otago and Southland Regional Managers:

North Otago Regional Manager - Neville Langrish | 027 439 3320

Otago/Central Otago Regional Manager - Graeme Bezett | 027 433 9119

Southland Regional Manager - David Henderson | 027 433 7623 

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