Leaders. Property Express, spring 2017.

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Our Nationwide Awards for 2017  

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s PGGWRE awards from the Tasman, Canterbury and West Coast region. It is a wonderful opportunity to recognise people’s outstanding achievements throughout the last financial year.

Blenheim Office

Greg Lyons_Canterbury_Tasman_Wst Cst

Greg Lyons
> Rookie of the year 

Christchurch Office

Peter Crean_Canterbury_Tasman_Wst CstMin Cookson_Canterbury_Tasman_Wst Cst

Peter Crean
> 6th Rural - Total Revenue

Min Cookson
> 9th Lifestyle - Total Revenue

Greymouth Office

Dave Becker_Canterbury_Tasman_Wst Cst

Dave Becker
> 3rd Residential  - Total Revenue 

Rangiora Office

Nick Rattanong_Canterbury_Tasman_Wst Cst

Nick Rattanong
> 6th Residential - Total Revenue



Contact the Canterbury/Tasman Regional Managers

Tasman Regional Manager - Joe Blakiston | 027 434 4069

Canterbury/West Coast Regional Manager - Athol Earl | 027 437 6298

Mid/South Canterbury Regional Manager - Susie Williams | 027 346 9676


GGS landing page_back to awards homepage.jpg