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2016 Scholarship Interns

Nerene Lynsky_Head shot 

Nerene Lynsky, Rotorua

After combining twin careers of farming & nursing over a 35 year period, I was looking for a fresh challenge,  and had identified that a move into Real Estate would allow me to retain the freedom to set my own hours and provide an opportunity to develop some new skills while building on my existing strengths and knowledge of property & people.

I’d barely begun to think about which company would best suit my values, when the PGGWRE scholarship became available, I knew immediately this was my niche. With PGG Wrightson’s long history as a trusted rural brand serving the primary sector, a country girl couldn’t fail to feel at home here. 

Completing Real Estate papers requires understanding a lot of legislation relating to personal and property rights, so I now know my way around many government Acts that I had never had occasion to look up before.

Once I got going with the study, it was really interesting & I think would be useful information for any consumer to have a grasp of.

The scholarship programme has been an excellent learning environment with a well-managed series of follow up courses and tutorials.

There has been plentiful provision for ongoing professional development and supportive mentors to enhance the theoretical study.

I’ve met great new people along the way and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

I believe I’ve had the best possible start in the industry.

Paul Cornelissen_Head shot

John Hughes, Canterbury

The PGG Wrightson Real Estate Scholarship has provided a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of real estate whilst being supported from day one onwards. The Canterbury team made me feel welcome and were very helpful at Field days and team meetings.

I completed my real estate licence through TAFE via correspondence – this was a great way to complete the course as the tutors were very helpful and the course was interesting and informative.

I was sent on a two day “growing sales” seminar with other new PGG Wrightson real estate agents and employees from other parts of the business which gave me a understanding  of the importance of the “one PGGW” values.

As part of the scholarship I was able to attend the 2016 annual real estate conference in Queenstown, the motivational speakers were among the best I have seen and the structure of the workshops and conference was very professionally run,  I obtained a wealth of knowledge about the real estate sector.

The Scholarship is a great way of entering the real estate sector especially if you are looking to work for a well-respected rural real estate company.

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips, Northland

For me, the PGG Wrightson Real Estate Scholarship has provided a fantastic opportunity to begin a career in real estate.

The Northland team made me feel welcome and were very helpful at training days and regional events. I thoroughly recommend the induction programme facilitated by senior management taking on an advisory and guidance role.

I was also fortunate enough to attend the 2015 annual real estate conference which was a great insight into the PGG Wrightson’s collaborative culture and also very motivating with the successes of top salespeople being celebrated.

I highly recommend applying for the scholarship, especially if you are looking to apply your previous rural expertise in a new career direction and want to work for a well-respected real estate company.


Scholarship image_Alwin thorne george

Alwin Thorne George

For me, the PGG Wrightson Real Estate Scholarship has exceeded all expectations. The support network available within the company and the vast experience I have been able to tap into have made the transition into real estate extremely smooth and hassle-free.

Commencing my real estate career with the national PGG Wrightson Real Estate conference was inspiring, in that it gave me the opportunity to network with like-minded people and be inspired by the achievements of others.

The wider PGG Wrightson family has allowed me to make contacts and meet some fantastic people. Being a part of such an organisation has given me the knowledge and confidence to push ahead in my new career.

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Wilton Atkins, Canterbury

For me, the PGG Wrightson Real Estate Scholarship has exceeded my expectations. I have been given all of the necessary tools to get the best possible start in a career in real estate, and from day one, the Canterbury team were very welcoming and helpful, from senior management through to the highly experienced support staff and salespeople. The real estate business is fully supported with many opportunities from within the wider business to venture out with experienced arable and technical field reps and livestock agents. Many of these specialists are experts in their field and very well respected in their area, and just the fact that I was wearing the PGG Wrightson uniform upon visiting clients meant I was immediately welcomed inside. This only happens as a result of the reputation and positive dealings that clients had previously experienced from PGG Wrightson.

From a training perspective, training days throughout the year are set up as calendar events, all of which are very helpful and informative, and with senior management taking on an advisory and guidance role, support and advice is just a call away.   The fortnightly team  meetings are a great way to keep on track, focused and well informed on a regional basis, and I was lucky enough to attend this year’s annual real estate conference which, again, was very successful and motivating event with many top salespeople from throughout the country attending, creating a solid team culture and ethos. So far, I can highly recommend applying  for  the scholarship, especially if you are self-motivated and willing to make things happen, can handle good and bad news equally well, and want to work for a well-respected and successful company.