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Health and Safety

The safety of our Vendors, Purchasers and Salespeople is paramount.

Please read our systems and processes regarding H & S and on-site visits.          

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd (PGWRE) operates under the wider PGG Wrightson (PGW) Company’s Health and Safety (H&S) policy and manual and it’s Contractor Document but, due to the nature of the real estate business, we also have a specific H&S policy for our real estate personnel.

The Principal Agent heads the Real Estate H&S Committee, which comprises three real estate personnel from different regions in the country. The committee’s main role is to keep abreast of H&S requirements based on industry best practice and legislative requirements. The committee then maintains systems and processes to enable our real estate division to operate in a safe and professional manner. The committee is assisted by the PGW National H&S Manager.

From a real estate perspective and in the best interests of our vendors and purchasers, PGWRE has a standard operating procedure in the form of a minimum standards document for H&S practice for its sales teams to abide by.

Our Process

  • During the listing process, we gather as much information as we can from the appropriate person in charge of H&S on the property. This will include all identified hazards on the farm hazard register, stock control, vehicular access, etc. This information is recorded and forms part of our agency agreement. This information is then transposed onto our Hazard Notice Form, which is given to all persons who enter onto any properties offered for sale.
  • The hazard notice is included in the Information Memorandum for the farm or on the reverse of the brochure for lifestyle and residential properties (if relevant).
  • In the case where the owner wishes to have our staff inducted onto the farm by their H & S coordinator we will fully endorse that approach and, further to this, will conduct our own survey of the farm to further identify any hazards from the perspective of showing prospective purchasers over the property.
  • We are aware that the use of quad bikes on some properties is not ideal for safety reasons. We will always enter into detailed discussions with the appropriate person on farm to discuss the best and safest method of showing prospective purchasers over the property. All properties will have different H&S requirements in this regard.
  • If prospective purchasers are travelling to the property in a PGWRE vehicle with a PGWRE representative they will be required to read the H & S In-Vehicle Notice which references the hazard notice for the property they will be viewing.
  • All prospective purchasers and their advisers will have an H&S briefing prior to entering onto any property. They will be supplied with the appropriate hazard notice pertaining to the subject property at that time if they have not already received an IM and have that with them.
  • If the marketing of the property includes open for inspection times (open days) then a Hazard Sign will be placed at the entry point to the farm.
  • We suggest prior to marketing that the vendor have meth tests carried out on all farm dwellings. Unfortunately this has become a large industry problem, particularly in remote rural areas where farm workers are supplied accommodation.  From an H&S perspective it would be best practice to assure visitors (prospective purchasers) that the dwellings are safe should they wish to have an inspection of them.

In summary, PGW and PGWRE take their responsibilities regarding the health and safety of their staff, clients and customers extremely seriously. No family should have their loved ones injured or incapacitated while doing their work or looking over a farm. Our staff are well aware of their obligations and the company’s expectations in this area. We give them all the necessary tools and assistance to ensure this is done at the highest level.