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Peter Crean

Peter Crean

Canterbury/West Coast Real Estate Manager
Licensed Salesperson (REAA 2008)
B 03- 341 4315
M 027- 434 4002


"Together with my siblings, I inherited Waipapa in 2014. A 191 hectare Swannanoa property, 30 kilometres north-west of Christchurch, it had been in the family for 97 years and was surrounded by lifestyle developments, with substantial modern dairy farms also nearby. With the Public Trust as executor, my family and I decided to sell the farm through Peter by deadline private treaty, completing the sale in May 2015.

Along with my three siblings and the executor, after my father passed away, we decided to sell the farm. Peter presented us with a convincing proposal, including clear timeframes and a realistic approach to the marketing campaign. Early on, he suggested we separately contract an independent consultant to assess the nutrient baseline for the property, as it had previously been leased, which proved to be excellent advice. That information went into the sales materials to help purchasers make their decisions and was a good example of Peter’s thorough approach. By accessing his wide network, he drew in numerous potential buyers and we received multiple offers. His attention to detail helped when dealing with the executor, who required everything to be precise.

Peter has a direct and honest approach, presenting the relevant facts with no embellishment, and he has the skills to work with all sorts of different buyers. He helped us to achieve a satisfactory sale and I would have no hesitation recommending him to others as a competent and trustworthy professional who goes about his business in a fair manner.”

Tom Norris & Family

"We owned a 617 hectare self-contained dairy farm located 10 kilometres west of Culverden and 109 kilometres north of Christchurch. Peter took our property to the market in late 2014 via a deadline sale process. For sale as a going concern, excluding dairy company shares, it attracted multiple offers and changed hands just prior to Christmas in Canterbury’s highest priced rural property sale of 2014.

When we decided to move on, Peter was the first person we turned to. We had dealt with him previously and could see how hard he worked for anyone who was selling. We knew he would do a good job marketing our farm. Our property comprised three different titles, built up over the course of 20 years, so it was not a straightforward sale. Peter was thorough in covering all the details needed to present the farm to purchasers and we know he was up at 4am one night working on it. When the sale went through, he even came along with us to the solicitor to go through all the details on the sale and purchase agreement. We always found him so approachable, friendly and easy to get along with, and he was only ever a phone call away. For Peter, the service he provides far exceeds just trying to make a commission. We would give him top marks."

Keith & Jenny Backhouse

"We retained Peter to market our 177 hectare dairy farm in Rotherham, North Canterbury, which sold in March 2015 via a deadline treaty process. With water from the Amuri Irrigation Company and a 50-bail rotary dairy shed built in 2011, we were milking approximately 700 cows and produced 320,000 kilograms of milksolids in the 2013/14 season. Our property sold for $54,500 per hectare.

Peter made the process of selling our farm really relaxing. We were confident in his ability to sell it. We bought a farm through him three years ago and could see his ability to sell then even though, at that stage, we were the buyers. When he was marketing the farm, we could see he enjoyed being on the place and he commented on how well presented and how tidy it was. He loved bringing people around. On the evening of the deadline, he brought out all the offers and we sat around the kitchen table with him to work through our options. Once we made a decision, he phoned the purchaser and the lawyer while we were still all sitting there and had the deal signed up and fully finished that night. We accepted an offer that was slightly more than our pricing expectations and also above what Peter originally said we were likely to make so we were happy with that. We felt really comfortable with Peter. He is such an awesome guy. He comes across as one of the family, and you know you could sit down and have a yack with him about anything.”

Euan & Rose Lawson

"We had owned our 108 hectare farm adjacent to Kaiapoi township, North Canterbury since 1991. It produced an average of 125,756 kilograms of milksolids per annum for the three years to 2013/14. Peter took the property to market in November 2014, achieving a sale in February 2015.

We heard good vibes from various people about Peter, while other colleagues of his had looked after us well when the earthquakes were on so, when we decided to sell, we gave the job to him. Peter and his team kept us informed. It was no hassle to ring him up at any time and he was happy to give us information about how it was all going. There was one bugbear with the farm that put some people off and that was that there was no house on it. However, Peter did a very good job to overcome that and every prospective buyer that came on the scene he came straight back to us with their feedback. He knows farming very well and he definitely knows the rural property market. We would certainly recommend him to anyone else who wants to sell a farm.”

Graham & Geoff Wells

"I was majority owner of Benholm Station, a 407 hectare sheep and beef property in Glentunnel, Central Canterbury. With Peter’s assistance, Benholm Station sold by private treaty in July 2014 for approximately $10,000 per hectare.

I am in the real estate business myself so I know that Peter is a very competent salesperson in all respects. Having known him a long time, I have always found him good to deal with. He is a reasonable character, and the way he handles himself and communicates with his clients is highly professional. He presented us with a good appraisal of the property, coupled with a sound marketing plan, which we ran with. He kept us well informed and worked in with his colleagues to ensure we received regular feedback about what was going on. He proved himself to be very knowledgeable about farming, and he has an excellent understanding of the agricultural sector in the Canterbury area. His professionalism certainly showed up in the whole process and we were very pleased with the outcome.”

Peter Evans

"In May 2014, with Peter’s assistance, we sold our 20 hectare farmlet in Dixons Road, Loburn, North Canterbury.

Peter is easy to work with and extremely thorough. He understood our needs, explained everything as we went along, ensured we had copies of all the documents we needed, and took us through the process at a pace we were comfortable with.

Because of the size of our place, interested purchasers needed a bit more money than for the average lifestyle property. Once a buyer showed interest, Peter managed the negotiation, helping to achieve our objectives and a fair market value for the property.

It makes a big difference doing business with someone from a rural background, someone who really understands the market.  You couldn’t find a nicer guy to deal with.

Ian & Margaret Gualter

"We owned Gairloch Farm, a fully irrigated 129 hectare Culverden dairy property. With Peter’s assistance, Gairloch sold under the hammer in November 2013, achieving a record per-hectare price for North Canterbury dairy land.

If you’re selling a dairy farm today, you have to be thorough. Potential buyers want various questions answered, particularly about effluent and water consents. Peter took us through all that in detail, which ensured we had a strong presentation and assurance that a purchaser could buy the property, move in and run it.

Peter’s price estimate was more than mine and he turned out to be very close, which pleased both of us.

He is a thorough, down-to-earth, hard-working character, who will do a fair job of presenting your property in the best light, without becoming carried away and selling it as something it isn’t.”


Rod Thomson

"Our farm, Flaxdown, a 330 hectare Culverden sheep and deer unit, with potential for conversion to dairy, was sold by Peter through a deadline treaty process in November 2013.

With dairy running hot, we did a fair bit of homework. We decided it was a high risk doing a conversion ourselves. Peter had a good idea of what the market would bear, which we thought was optimistic, although he turned out to be right.

I’ve been doing business with him in various roles for 25 years. A handshake is a handshake and you know you can rely on him.

He regularly talks to people who trust him with reliable information so he also has an astute finger on the pulse of what the market is doing.  I would recommend him.”


Brian Costello

"We engaged Peter to market Fieldmont, our 85 hectare irrigated mixed cropping farm in Southbridge, Central Canterbury, which sold in June 2013 after a deadline tender process attracting a large number of offers.

From the start, when Peter first came out to see us, he said he would have a detailed plan within 24 hours. He stayed in regular contact from that point, keeping us informed every step of the way on what was happening.

Peter is highly professional and efficient. Everything went like clockwork.

Once the tender date closed, we chose two offers to progress and Peter undertook the negotiations with the other parties. He is an astute negotiator and managed to achieve a win-win for everybody.

Throughout the whole deal, he was friendly and professional. I can’t speak highly enough of him.”


Lloyd Thorne