Join PGG Wrightson Real Estate Bay of Plenty

Join PGG Wrightson Real Estate Bay of Plenty

Joining the PGG Wrightson Real Estate Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau team is your next step in a positive career change.


Marketing residential, lifestyle, and rural property under our brand gives you the freedom to follow your own direction, coupled with support systems that enable you to excel.

As part of a nationwide real estate team, we cover the whole country, are part of one of New Zealand’s most respected brands, and operate within a solid corporate structure.

We have extensive benefits for anyone selling within our brand, including high-quality industry expertise, excellent marketing resources, a ready-built network, and a team culture that sets us apart.

We give you the freedom to follow your own direction, with support systems in place that enable you to excel in your specialty.

Our salespeople specialise in marketing residential, lifestyle and/or rural property under PGG Wrightson Real Estate, and together we build those connections in the community to help our clients and salespeople meet their goals.

We are always keen to bring well-organised, high performers into our team. If you think these benefits will enhance your career and business, call us today.


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Contact Cam   Camron Meade, Sales Manager, Central North Island

Read on to hear what the Bay of Plenty team has to say about working with PGG Wrightson Real Estate:

Sue McNeil, Lifestyle and Residential Sales Consultant, Katikati

Sue McNeil, Lifestyle and Residential Sales Consultant, Katikati

Katikati local, Sue McNeil has over 30 years of experience in real estate, including as principal officer. Alongside her husband Ross, she has also been involved in various categories of primary production for most of her life. She has operated under the PGG Wrightson Real Estate brand since 2015.

“I’ve lived my whole life, including my business career, in Katikati, which makes me a good fit with PGG Wrightson: like the company, I have strong, deep and enduring links to the local community.

“Flexibility is another strong point. I’ve seen people come into this industry in other companies and put under so much pressure from management to sell as much as possible that within a couple of years they burn out. To succeed you need time to gain experience. Our company, with a more hands-off management style, allows people to reach that point with much less stress, which is a much more effective recipe for success.

“Although there is plenty of support and great systems to rely on, we are largely left to our own devices. Our success is our own responsibility, which is fabulous.”

Dave McLaren, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Te Puke

Dave McLaren, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Te Puke

After growing up on a Rotorua dry stock farm and Te Puke horticulture blocks, Dave McLaren began his real estate career in 1985. Having undertaken numerous roles within the sector, including the ownership of real estate companies and property management, he joined PGG Wrightson in 2013.

“Having spent many years in and around agriculture and horticulture, I was motivated to utilise my knowledge base and skills within a sound, solid business. PGG Wrightson was the obvious fit. It is the longest-serving, strongest and most respected brand and it has earnt the trust and belief of rural folks. It has a definite feeling of permanence and the company looks after staff well.

“At the local office in Te Puke we have a good team of hard-working, successful people who appreciate the brand and achieve great results.

“It was and still is the best fit for me. I would certainly recommend the company to anyone considering joining.”

Graham Beaufill, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Rotorua

Graham Beaufill, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Rotorua

Previously an award-winning agricultural contractor and with a family background in farming, Graham began his real estate career in 2007. Due to his deep roots in the countryside and a desire to focus more strongly on marketing rural property, a shift to PGG Wrightson Real Estate was an obvious transition that he made in 2013. Since then, he has won several national awards in both achievement and marketing.

“PGG Wrightson Real Estate is based around supporting farmers. This company has a natural affinity for the rural sector. It is a big rural network, and the real estate team links with the retail stores, livestock, wool and the other parts of the business.

“When marketing a property, that network creates an advantage. Being able to call on an excellent team across the country, some really cool people supporting us in our sales role, alongside some other excellent salespeople. You can always bounce different stuff off different people.

“Our brand is known and respected. If you go anywhere wearing a PGG Wrightson shirt or jersey, everyone knows where you are from. Because the company has such strong ties and deep roots, people feel comfortable talking to you.

“It’s an inclusive company culture. There’s nowhere else I’d work. We have a good bunch, from the top down.”

Andrew Fowler, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Tauranga

Andrew Fowler, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Tauranga

Andrew began his real estate career with PGG Wrightson Real Estate in 2010. He has plenty of previous experience in the rural sector including, studying Agricultural Science at Massey University, as a high-profile deer farmer, a successful herd-owning sharemilker and manager of a large dry-stock farm and mixed cropping unit. Andrew is consistently among PGG Wrightson’s top-performing rural and lifestyle agents for more than a decade, and he has won the company’s annual supreme award for marketing excellence on three occasions.

“PGG Wrightson is a trusted and truly iconic national brand, with a long history.

“The credibility and confidence that the PGG Wrightson brand provides to vendors is huge. As a rural professional, I would not want to work anywhere else.”