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Joining the PGG Wrightson Real Estate team is a positive career move.

Marketing residential, lifestyle and rural property under our brand gives you the freedom to follow your own direction, coupled with support systems that enable you to excel.

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As a real estate team we cover the whole country, are part of one of New Zealand’s most respected brands, and operate within a strong corporate structure.

That provides extensive benefits to anyone selling within our brand, including high quality industry expertise, excellent marketing resources, a ready built network, and a team culture that sets us apart.

If you want the freedom to control the growth and direction of your business with the assurance of partnering with New Zealand’s largest and most respected Agri-business, call Cam Meade on 027 420 1881 for a private and confidential chat.


Read on to hear what the team have to say about working with PGG Wrightson Real Estate.

scott-borland.jpgScott Borland, Lifestyle and Residential Sales Consultant, Cambridge

`After growing up in Ayrshire, Central Scotland, on a family dairy farm, a love of horses dominated Scott’s early life, alongside a career in retail management. Moving to New Zealand in 2004 and initially establishing a business re-training racehorses, he started working as a real estate salesperson in 2014, via the company’s scholarship programme, quickly becoming one of PGG Wrightson Real Estate’s top lifestyle salespeople nationwide.

“Ours is a brand known for honesty, integrity and old fashioned values, which is in line with who I am as a person. PGG Wrightson goes well beyond real estate: all the other units in the business give us excellent depth, good support, and a strong company culture throughout the office.

“In the sales team, that provides space to establish your own brand within the wider company. It is much less prescriptive than the way that other real estate brands can tend to be. You have the capacity to be who you really are. Everyone in our office runs their own business in their own way, and it’s phenomenal how different we each are. Although that structure can make it difficult for our managers, it gives us real freedom and strength, which makes it like a big family: it certainly has that feel to it.”


Alison Nicholson, Lifestyle & Residential Sales Consultant, Cambridge

As an owner of a local business, which she still owns, Alison’s previous career experience also includes administration roles with another real estate company. In August 2019 she joined PGG Wrightson as the PA to one of the company’s other salespeople, before deciding she was ready to step into a selling role herself, which she started in September 2020.

“I had always been encouraged to go into real estate, though the negative stereotypes of the industry put me off going all in and becoming a salesperson myself. At PGG Wrightson those stereotypes do not apply. I have found the company culture refreshing, open and relaxed.

“Nobody is micromanaged. We are all allowed the freedom to run our own business, while at the same time, having plenty of support available: when you pick up the phone, there are any number of people willing to help.

“To be surrounded by so much experience is a huge benefit. There is always someone around ready to answer a question. When colleagues talk I always listen because I know I will pick up something that will help me do a better job.

“Perception of the company is that it has traditional values. It is tried, tested and trusted. That is what I have found. Although you can’t do things with a handshake over the car bonnet any longer, that is the feeling that holds true with this company: people who are solid and dependable.”


richard-thomson.jpgRichard Thomson, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Hamilton

Richard started selling real estate for PGG Wrightson in 2016

“After dairy farming for 20 years, I wanted a lifestyle change, and to be able to enjoy my children as they grow up.

“I saw an opportunity for a younger person, who understands the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of farming, and can empathise with the environmental, compliance and financial pressures that face young farmers today. Initially I was sucked into believing real estate could be a part time occupation. Of course, as your own boss, when you work hard to do a good job, it quickly turns into seven days a week.

“Marketing farms is not a sales job: your purpose is to gather information and understand the farm as if it were your own, then pass that information on to the potential buyer, along with their advisors. It is not a straight transactional process.

In this role you need to be able to survive without a stable income. Having been a farmer was good training: you have some good years, and some awful years, that is all I know, so I didn’t need to readjust, as some people do.

“Being a corporate, rather than a franchise or a family owned company, is generally positive for PGG Wrightson. As much support is there as you need, though, the company does not micromanage you.

“We are a good team, working within a recognised rural brand, and have the freedom to manage our own businesses in the way that we want.”


martin-lee.jpgMartin Lee, Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, Cambridge

Martin started in real estate in 1989, after selling his farm in Hawke’s Bay and moving with his family to Waikato. Selling for, owning and managing a number of successful real estate businesses over the next several years, he withdrew from the industry in 2009 to travel, settling in the south of France. Observing the re-emergence of real estate after the global financial crisis in 2013, he contacted PGG Wrightson and has been selling rural and lifestyle property for the company, based in Cambridge, ever since.

“PGG Wrightson’s nationwide network, in real estate and in wider rural services, is an important part of the brand. As a salesperson, that provides me with major benefits. When I first joined, the width and breadth of the company was its attraction. In reality, my experience of that since has ticked all the boxes.

“Although the industry ebbs and flows, with different people coming and going, looking around the core of the PGG Wrightson Real Estate team nationwide, that core has been consistent for several years. That is the sign of a stable company, moving in the right direction.

“When I joined, I already knew most of the key people in the company. I have seen how we are able to be selective, seeking out and bringing in people who have become key to the growth of our business. Being part of that is really satisfying.”


peter-wylie.jpgPeter Wylie, Real Estate Manager, King Country and Te Awamutu

Peter joined Dalgety after leaving school in 1989, and aside from a period overseas, has continued with the same company through to its present form as PGG Wrightson. Initially in livestock, where he graduated to senior management roles, he shifted to real estate in 2005, and regularly features among the company’s top performers nationwide.

“PGG Wrightson’s history, and the history of the companies that merged to form it, is entwined in the history of rural New Zealand. We have a strong brand presence that every farmer in the country knows. As a salesperson, interaction with our retail and livestock colleagues is also a benefit of our brand, and a big plus for networking.

“Marketing rural property, for me PGG Wrightson has all the benefits of a boutique brand: this is what we do, and we are good at it. I regularly talk to others around the country who are doing the same, and we make the most of working together, rather than competing against each other.

“We have a dedicated marketing team, up to date on print and social media, and our support systems and processes, including on legislation and compliance issues, are user friendly, easy to tap into, with a wealth of knowledge that the company has to offer. That provides a level of safety and risk management that reduces the stress and enables you to focus on doing the best you can for your clients.”


james-mooreJames Moore, Lifestyle and Residential Sales Consultant, Te Awamutu

James started his career at PGG Wrightson working at the Te Awamutu retail store and moved into real estate when he was selected for the PGG Wrightson Real Estate scholarship in 2017. This was the perfect opportunity for James to learn from the best in the business. James continues to work in Te Awamutu and its surrounding areas.

“PGG Wrightson is a company that I am immensely proud to work for. Over the years I have been able to build my business as I want with fantastic support along the way.

“It’s great to work for a company that focuses on the needs of the salespeople. I know that if I need help with marketing, legislation, or compliance, there will be someone in the company that is just a call away to support me.

“PGG Wrightson is an established brand that understands the importance of people and community. I believe that in real estate people should always come first, and I’m proud that I can work for a company that’s values align with my own.”


trevor-kenny.jpgTrevor Kenny, Rural Real Estate Sales Consultant, Matamata

Trevor Kenny’s detailed knowledge of the rural environment and investment in agriculture means he has strong credibility and justification for the brokering of rural properties throughout the Waikato.

“PGG Wrightson is a nationally recognised brand. Enthusiasm and hard work, along with a strong unified team ethic, enables us to succeed in all aspects of rural and lifestyle real estate needs for our clients.”