6 of the best places to buy a lifestyle property in New Zealand
November 2022

6 of the best places to buy a lifestyle property in New Zealand

From coastal paradises to rustic rural countryside and stunning alpine wilderness, we’ve got it all on offer here in New Zealand. So when it comes to choosing a location to buy a lifestyle property, we really are spoilt for choice.

One of the most significant attractions of lifestyle property is that you’re getting the best of both worlds. You’re close to town or a city but far enough out to be considered ‘rural’ - with all the space and serenity which comes with that.

Everyone has their favourite places, but if you’re dreaming of a new view in 2023 and open to suggestions, here’s a wrap-up of six of the best places to buy a lifestyle property in New Zealand (based on the most popular search results by location).

  1. Whangarei

The winterless north is no doubt sought after for many reasons, but there’s certainly something attractive about its mild climate - winter daytime temperatures very rarely drop to single digits. It also has an incredible outdoor lifestyle, with stunning beaches right along the coastline.

With its temperate weather, Whangarei and surrounds are perfect for growing all kinds of produce on a lifestyle block, and required amenities - such as education, airport, retail and recreational facilities, will never be far from home.  

  1. Waikato

The population of Waikato has exploded in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Here you’re central to so many large cities - Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga - but you can easily find peace and quiet in any number of locations. Te Kuiti serves the southern part of Waikato, with the two very busy rural towns of Morrinsville and Matamata in the northwest. If surfing’s your thing, check out the fantastic beachside town of Raglan.  

As one of New Zealand’s traditional farming regions, lifestyle blocks are plentiful across a flat pastoral plain. If you are serious about creating an income from your lifestyle property, this could quite easily be the region to do it.  

  1. Bay of Plenty

It was named the Bay of Plenty for a reason, and if you are keen to set yourself up for growing a variety of crops with pleasant weather year-round, this might be the perfect location for you.

Scattered along the coastline are a number of settlements catering to the lifestyle property market, from Katikati in the west to Opotiki in the east. And most places also happen to be a hop, step and jump to a gorgeous array of white sand beaches, allowing for an incredible day escape whenever you feel like a change of scenery.

  1. Canterbury

Canterbury is the largest region in New Zealand, spanning more than 44,000 square metres and covering a variety of terrains and typography. Here you can choose from the expansive flat plains west of Christchurch, more alpine locations which you will find at the base of the majestic Southern Alps, or charming coastal settlements, like Kaikoura and Timaru.  

Rivers and lakes are plentiful here too, providing incredible vistas and landscapes from many vantage points and afforded to many lifestyle properties dotted across the region.

  1. Oamaru

At only 120 kms north of Dunedin, Oamaru is a fantastic heritage town, well known for its Victorian architecture and two penguin colonies. It also happens to be the steampunk capital of the world.

You will not have to roam far from town to find a lifestyle block to suit, and everything you need is right on your doorstep. The district is small, but growing, providing a great opportunity to set up a lifestyle property that also brings in an income. Whether you prefer beachside, inland or somewhere comfortably in between, you can have your pick of the bunch here.

  1. Cromwell

Cromwell links the region of Central Otago to the Queenstown Lakes District, and it certainly benefits from everything this region has to offer - think wineries, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful, sky-coloured lakes. It is easy to see why this picturesque town continues to grow in popularity and while its history is steeped in gold mining, Cromwell is now known as the stone fruit capital of the South Island. Which means lifestyle properties here can definitely lend themselves to orcharding.

At only 50 minutes from downtown Queenstown, here you truly can have the best of both worlds - convenience and a laidback lifestyle.

From north to south, New Zealand has endless locations for setting up home on a lifestyle property. Did any of the above pique your interest, or do you have somewhere else in mind?

Just remember, no matter where you are looking, we will have a team of agents standing by to help.

Tips and tricks

To get clear on the best place for your lifestyle relocation, here are a few final thoughts:

  • Is it important that you are close to a city, or will a quaint country town suffice?
  • Have a think about what you want to do on your lifestyle block, whether you are keen to have livestock or plant your own boutique orchard. Some things are easier in certain locations, and harder in others.
  • Outside of your lifestyle block, what kind of activities do your family like to participate in? Is it crucial that you are only an hour from the coast, or the snow?
  • Don’t forget to consider all the practical aspects. While it may be lovely to be a tourist somewhere, it is a lot different living there permanently.
  • If in doubt, talk to the locals. Get them to be honest with you about what they like, and don’t like, about living where they do.  


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