A quick guide to sell your lifestyle property in 2024
December 2023

A quick guide to sell your lifestyle property in 2024

It is not an easy decision to make - that the time has come to sell your lifestyle property. But lives change, needs evolve, and so do our desires for where we want to call ‘home’.

There is no question putting up the for-sale sign may feel a little daunting, even before you get to market there will be a long list of ‘to do’s’. However, by taking your time to prepare for the property selling process, you’ll be able to minimise the stress and ensure you get the right result that you and your lifestyle block deserve.

So, if you are thinking about selling your lifestyle property in 2023, here’s a quick guide to get you started off on the right track.

  • Take care of the details - big and small

This first step is where you can make the most impact when it comes to the final outcome. So do yourself a favour and know that if you put in the time and effort, you’ll be able to attract more buyers - and ultimately, achieve a great sale price.

As you’ll be well aware, buying a lifestyle property is a significant investment for anyone, so interested parties viewing your home and block will be going through everything with a fine tooth comb. It’s important for everything to look great and be in good working order too.

It’s a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your property, inside and out, from an unbiased point of view. Remember, things might be the way you like them, but it’s important to make considerations as if you were a buyer.  

  • Know who your likely buyer will be

To ensure your lifestyle property appeals to the right buyers, it’s helpful to know who you’re trying to sell to. Are they someone who is looking to make an income from your block, or is a family escaping from the city rat-race?

These different kinds of buyers will have different things on their ‘shopping list’, and by understanding exactly what it is they want, you can stage your home and property in such a way that it ticks all their boxes - without them even having to think about it.

  • Remember, you’re selling a lifestyle

Buying a property is an extremely emotive experience. People will often say things like ‘I could just see myself living there’ or ‘when I walked in, it felt like home’. And these are the feelings you’re wanting to invoke for anyone who sets foot on your lifestyle block.

Think back to when you brought your property. What were some of the things that really stood out to you, and how did it make you feel? If it’s wintertime, light the fire and make it warm and inviting. If you’re selling in summer, put your outdoor entertaining area on show.  

Help potential buyers to see exactly what makes your lifestyle home extra special.

  • Choose a real estate expert  

Choosing the best lifestyle property agent to sell your lifestyle block is an absolutely essential part of the sale process.

From setting realistic price expectations, to knowing how to effectively market your property, and choosing the right selling method, your real estate agent needs to have a comprehensive set of skills and abilities to ensure your property sale is a success.

Not all real estate professionals are made the same, and it’s important to take your time and meet with a shortlist - select those who have a reputation in your local market for achieving results for their vendors. Be prepared with a list of questions, asking things such as what the marketing campaign would include and what they see as some of the most challenging aspects of selling your property, it’s important to be able to have the difficult conversations too.

  • Roll out the red carpet

When open homes do start, make sure every potential buyer is greeted with an impeccable first impression. Lawns mowed? Check. Letter box has a fresh coat of paint with bright new numbers on it? Check. Animals out of the way? Check. Easy access to the front door? Check. House spotless? Check.

All of these details essentially say to someone that the home and property is thoroughly maintained, taken care of and looked after. It shows that they can rest assured that their money is well spent.  

Selling a lifestyle property can be a a roller coaster ride, but you can very much be in the driver’s seat. See the process as an opportunity to get closer to the next stage of your home ownership journey and you’ll no doubt have plenty of excitement and enthusiasm for getting the job done, and done right.

We’re selling lifestyle homes and properties everyday, right throughout New Zealand. If you are curious as to what yours could be worth in the current market, or you know you’re ready to move on, our team is here to assist.  

Tips and tricks

Of course you want the best result possible when selling your lifestyle property, so here’s a quick recap to maximise your chance of success:

  • Reap the rewards from your efforts - put in plenty of elbow grease to get your lifestyle property in tip top shape before going to market.
  • The beauty lies in the details, you’re looking to impress potential buyers by showcasing your lifestyle home and surrounding property in the best light possible.
  • Ask a trusted friend or family member to help you identify things that need fixing and tidying up - sometimes it’s hard to spot things when we live with them on a daily basis.
  • Do your research when it comes to choosing the right real estate agent to partner with. You want experience, a great reputation and someone you can trust.
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