Casual drive to Cambridge leads to permanent move
March 2024

Casual drive to Cambridge leads to permanent move

For Auckland couple Mike and Linda Panther, taking a casual drive to Cambridge one weekend in August last year ended up taking them there permanently.

“We have contemplated retirement for a few years. Living in Auckland, relocating at this time in our lives was always a temptation. Mike worked at the airport, the traffic was becoming worse, our grandchildren were growing up, and even though we had a beautiful Dairy Flat property set up for them to visit, we were not as relevant in their lives as when they were younger,” says Linda.

Coming out of the second covid lockdown, a door knock from a real estate salesperson asking if they were interested in selling gave them pause for thought. Although that buyer was not prepared to pay what Mike and Linda’s place was worth, the offer prompted them to think further about a big move.

A few months later, one day after their drive to Cambridge, another knock on the door from another real estate salesperson, this one with a better offer, became a pivotal moment.

“That was it: we reached a point where we could think about what the next step might be.”

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Another drive to Cambridge took them to a 310 square metre four-bedroom ex-Fowler show home on a large Pukekura Estate section. Listed for sale by Martin Lee of PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Cambridge, Martin described it as ‘a stunning, well thought out home that makes a perfect venue for entertaining a crowd at any time of the year.’“

We liked the area and we liked the house. Although now we’ve moved and we also like our neighbours, we like that they are not too close by, as they would be in the likes of St Heliers or Grey Lynn. So the size of the section appeals, as does the open-ness of the road, which will probably become a little busier in future, though not too much,” says Linda.

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Having formerly worked in real estate herself, Linda is a fan of show homes.

“All the specifications were improved, such as an integrated air conditioning system, top of the range insulation and smart glazing for all window joinery. Those things ticked so many boxes for our personal preferences. 

“While we are on the corner, on the north side of the road, it’s still relatively private.

“Although the landscaping was minimal, it has been well done, and having sold in Auckland we freed up plenty of capital to build another garage and shed, as well as planting plenty of trees, and because we are not as young as we once were, we won’t be digging the holes to plant the trees ourselves, we are paying someone else to do the actual planting,” says Linda.

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They are also enjoying meeting new neighbours.

“It’s fascinating where people have graduated from to come to Cambridge. It’s a great location and so easy to go everywhere. Being hardened Aucklanders, having lived plenty of places, everything here is friendly: people are happy to see you come into their shop or café. Although Mike spent time when he was younger on his uncle’s Waikato farm, for me it’s a new place to live and experience, and when we want to, we can easily go to the big smoke in Hamilton,” says Linda.

Their move in early December has been the ideal start to Mike and Linda’s retirement.

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