Finding a real estate salesperson is just like speed dating
June 2022

Finding a real estate salesperson is just like speed dating

Selling a home or property is a big decision that can be stressful and complicated. Therefore, finding a salesperson who knows what they are doing and can communicate well is key for a smooth journey to listing a property and finding a new place to settle.

Choosing a salesperson should be like speed dating, and it’s important not to settle for the first agent simply because it’s polite. To get the best real estate agent for your property, take time to research individuals and companies until someone meets all the criteria.

“Referrals are a good way to find a reliable and credible agent. But it’s important to look into their past sales history as well,” comments Peter Wylie of PGG Wrightson Te Kuiti. He also recommends discussing their marketing techniques to ensure it is innovative and showcases the property.

“Go with your gut feeling and you should find someone who values communication with you and any buyers, and who is honest and professional.”

As part of the research process, many people who are considering listing their homes don’t realise that ‘shopping around’ for the best salesperson is normal, including talking to two or more people at once. This practice should produce an agent who gives the best advice for your unique situation and communicates well with everyone involved. Being ‘time poor’ is another factor that is credited for holding people back from shopping around, but it’s important that you make time to find the right real estate salesperson - as it could affect the outcome of the sale.

Speed dating

“You want someone who sits down, listens and understands your needs, and takes the time to give personalised advice” says Shari Ferguson of PGG Wrightson Real Estate Greymouth. The salespeople who have the most listings may be extremely effective when getting results and are tempting for you to choose. However, it’s important to check that they will have enough time to spend on your property and are able to completely focus on it, instead of their many other listings.

“Find someone who genuinely cares about the end result and the client’s situation. These agents are more likely to give honest advice – instead of saying what the client wants to hear,” says Shari.

This is especially important when setting expectations around the sale. A ‘two-way’ street of communication and advice is very important, where listening and understanding is happening on all sides.

When choosing a rural real estate agent, experience and a strong network is key. Our rural real estate agents have connections that span the country, which are utilised to help sell your property. When choosing a rural salesperson, spend time researching how innovative that person is. It’s important that the potential candidate is up to date with platforms, advertising, technology to use when selling the property, and have proof on how to use this successfully. It’s no longer enough to have only experience and industry knowledge.

To make this selling a property as stress-free as possible, it’s important to do your research and not be afraid of asking questions to your potential real estate agent. Reach out to your local PGG Wrightson Real Estate office now, and we can help find the right salesperson to match you with, so you can then ‘win’ the speed dating rounds and get the best outcome.  

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