Centrally located Pirongia gaining in lifestyle appeal
November 2022

Centrally located Pirongia gaining in lifestyle appeal

Pirongia is rapidly gaining appeal as a South Waikato lifestyle locality. James Moore of PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Te Awamutu specialises in the village, located 12 kilometres west of Te Awamutu.

“Proximity is fundamental to any lifestyle property, and Pirongia is an easy 15 minutes from all amenities, including supermarkets, while Hamilton, Otorohanga and Cambridge each sit within a comfortable 45 minute commute, at 32, 28 and 36 kilometres distance from Pirongia respectively.

“This is a central location, outside city limits. Many of us have experienced the benefits of working from home over the past two years, and the fibre connections into the village make Pirongia a feasible base from which to spend occasional days in the office in Auckland,” he said.

When lifestyle equates to the great outdoors, Pirongia has ready access to the nearby forest park, while Waikato’s west coast beaches, such as Kawhia and Aotea Harbour, also present recreational havens within easy range.

A mix of buyers is taking an interest.

“It appeals to families with primary and teenage children. Pirongia Primary School is decile nine, local childcare is excellent, and most teenagers attend Te Awamutu College, although the bus into Hamilton, and private schools within a 30 minute drive, present additional options.

“Empty nesters are also interested: people on their third or fourth home, deciding to go to a lifestyle property. Property sizes range from larger residential to lifestyle, so there are options to suit most people.

“We are attracting people relocating from Cambridge, Tamahere and Matangi. Pirongia has equivalent properties: beautiful homes in similar settings, at values achievable for a wider range of buyers,” says James.

Illustrating the location’s appeal, when James brought an award winning Pirongia home to the market in August, it sold exceptionally well at auction.

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In 2021 Gavin Brown’s company Waikato Build won the regional House of the Year Gold Medal in the builder’s own home category for the home Gavin, wife Emma and their family have lived in for the past three years. Praised by the judging panel for its design, the distinctive brick U-shaped house is based around its outdoor lounge.

In mid-July, when James Moore was visiting, Gavin and Emma casually asked how much he thought their home was worth. James’s appraisal encouraged the Browns to list their home for sale. Six weeks later, James’s prediction proved accurate, with a winning bid of $1.875 million.

“Clad in a mix of aged Italian red brick and macrocarpa, set on a substantial landscaped section, the property attracted huge interest. Clearly the House of the Year panel was impressed, as was everyone who viewed the home.

“A few years ago market anxiety perceived that building a dream home in Pirongia would lead to over-capitalisation. This sale demonstrates that is absolutely not the case,” says James.

Gavin and Emma have bought a neighbouring section where they plan to build again.

Plenty of other development is also in prospect for the locality, where James anticipates substantial growth.

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