Passion project creates conservation paradise
March 2023

Passion project creates conservation paradise

Determined to live in the country and convinced they had the self-reliance to survive in a rural community, in 2000 Cheryl and Alan Loveday purchased a 19 hectare Welcome Bay, Tauranga lifestyle block.

Alan is a boiler operator and Cheryl an early childhood teacher. With no previous experience on the land, they both worked full time, meaning the property was a challenge to be met in the evenings and at weekends.

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“We didn’t want flat and boring, so looked for some time before finding this beautiful land, with its rocky crags, streams, bush and large trees: and the view was an amazing bonus.

“Subdivided from a larger farm, it was a sea of yellow, with thistles and granddaddy gorse. We spent so much time on the land, clearing the paddocks re-fencing and installing new troughs,” says Cheryl.

Conservation planting was their focus: retiring steeper areas and stream margins to enhance the existing native bush.

“With assistance from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, we put together an environmental plan, which helped feed our passion for conservation.

“We planted thousands of native trees. Initially it was Possum Hall, with critters running everywhere. After pest eradication it now looks more like a park. Birds include kereru, tui, hawks and ruru.

“In the meantime several new families have moved in nearby, bringing a similar philosophy, so we have all locked up marginal land together,” says Cheryl.

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Last year the Lovedays decided it was time to downsize. They called Andrew Fowler of PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Tauranga to offer their property to the market.

“Thanks to Cheryl and Alan’s work, the property has immense charm. The American ranch styled twin gabled home is connected by covered decks, and the incredible views across the bay include the city lights,” says Andrew. His ‘rustic rural retreat’ marketing campaign hit the right note for Scott and Angela Trillo of Papamoa. As Scott explains, the family has been looking for several years.

“We’ve always lived in suburbia, though dreamed of going to the country. We mainly looked at smaller blocks, though when we saw this we knew it was the one. Seeing and hearing the birds and wildlife, as well as the natural aspect of the house, particularly its Redwood cladding, excited us.

“We have such respect for the phenomenal efforts Cheryl and Alan have put in over the years. They are grafters. We will carry on their planting and stream restoration.

“Although the challenge of coming from a cosy concrete home with double glazing is not lost on us, it is one we relish,” says Scott.

As a builder Scott is the right person for the Trillo’s mission. Angela has home schooled their four children, Lani, Fern, Jacob and Ella, who range from eight to 18 years old, and is closely connected to the Tauranga home schooling network, which comprises around 1000 families. She is looking forward to bringing many of them to Welcome Bay.

“I’m keen to expand on the opportunities for outdoor education.

“Our 16 year old son Jacob is particularly looking forward to living in Welcome Bay to further develop his bushcraft skills and enthusiasm for hunting. I’m sure we can open up similar horizons for other young people and their families.

“We will also continue with the beefies, and look forward to filling our own and friends’ freezers with happy meat,” she says.

Andrew is delighted to have made the match.

“It’s always a pleasure to bring buyers and sellers together. When you can conclude a deal, the parties shake hands and everyone has a smile on their face, that makes our role really satisfying.”

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