Things to do before listing
October 2022

Things to do before listing

Listing your home for sale is a marathon, but there are some easy tips and tricks to get ahead of your competition.

Some of the easiest ways for your home and property to look polished are by investing time and money before the listing goes live. This makes the marketing and photos stand out and showcase what could be your biggest asset in the best light, as well as creating a great first impression. The changes you make now, could mean that the property sells faster or for a higher amount than anticipated.

Your PGG Wrightson Real Estate salesperson can recommend specific changes to the presentation of the property that could affect the final sale price of your property. 

Clean up the front yard

First impressions do count for potential purchasers, and this does affect their idea of how much the property is worth. You can influence this by simply considering the view that these people will see when walking or driving past the property for the first time.

Some simple actions such as tidying up any overgrown plants or grass, can make the property look well-maintained and cared for. If you have a fence, ensure that it is presentable – even if this means repainting or fixing. It needs to look fresh, tidy, and potentially low maintenance from the outside. 

For rural properties, this could be taken one step further to ensure that any close paddocks to the homestead have secure fencing and the paddocks look green and lush for any marketing photos.

Declutter the property – including the sheds

Clutter has no place in a property that is being listed. This is because clutter in a room, shed, or even surface can stop purchasers from imagining what their life and furniture can look like within the space.

To help the purchasers imagine the highlights of what their new property could look like with them in it, try to be as neutral or minimalistic as possible in the home. This may make the space appear bigger and stops the purchaser from getting distracted when viewing the property. With less clutter, they can focus on the property itself, instead of comparing lives, décor style, and items.

Clean out any sheds to make the space look bigger and to remove any old or broken-down parts or items. This refreshes the space and updates the overall property. Potential purchasers want to see any storage and get an indication of the space.

Lastly, when you clean the clutter in your own home or shed, you’re preparing for your new home. It’s a chance to start fresh and prepare for the upcoming move. This can make the entire process less stressful and overwhelming as you are mentally and physically more prepared for the upcoming change.

Invest to see great results

If you can, investing in updating your property and fixing anything that needs repairing could be a good return on investment in the long term. If you’ve fixed any problems in advance, the purchasers won’t be taking the repair costs into account when they consider what the property is worth to them. As a result, they may be willing to pay a higher price simply because they didn’t want to do the work themselves.

Other items to replace or fix can include replacing the carpet, repainting rooms, or staining the deck. These changes can make the property more appealing and contribute to a good first impression and increase the overall resale of the property. These updates can make the home look fresh and new, and if done properly, more spacious as well. The initial investment should be recuperated in the sale price. 

If you’re thinking of selling, your PGG Wrightson Real Estate agent can advise you of the tips and tricks that best suit your home and property to make it more appealing to those potential purchasers. Get in touch with your local office today to chat through your options, and then get decluttering!

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