What happens at your free appraisal
October 2022

What happens at your free appraisal

Thinking of listing and uncertain about what the next steps are?

We have you covered.

If you are considering listing your home and finding a new view to wake up to, it’s important to get as much information as possible. This background research can help make the process smoother and give you a better idea of what to expect. Do your research around the property market, and its current and expected behaviour and the estimated appraisal of your property. This helps to set your expectations around timing and the outcome of the sale. A key part of your preparation for listing is getting a free appraisal, which you can request through phone, email, or by walking into your closest PGG Wrightson Real Estate Office. 

What happens at your free appraisal? 

We recommend that you contact your local PGG Wrightson Real Estate office to ensure you find the right agent for you.

The salesperson will organise a time to come to your property for an inspection and will walk through the property, before giving you their estimated price appraisal of the property. This number can be a range and will be based on predetermined key factors, so it’s consistent across the industry. These include the condition of the land and/or house, the final sale price from at least three comparable sold properties in the area, the current market activity, and past and predicted trends.

The appraisal can be shared verbally, but the report, referred to as a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), must be given in writing and the salesperson will take the time to explain the report to you in person. As this is such a comprehensive report, it is normal for the salesperson to take a few days to research and prepare the report before presenting it.

It may be tempting to look solely at how much your property may be worth, but there are other things to review in the appraisal.

  1. The salesperson will provide you with the information of how they came up with the expected sale price of your property. This will be based on quality data sources, statistics, and the condition of your unique property.
  2. Understand the suggested method of sale and discuss this with the salesperson. This can affect the outcome as some methods of sale encourage competition, which can positively influence the end result.
  3. Review the marketing plan for your property. It should have a balanced mix of digital and offline advertising so you can reach a large audience. 

What happens next? 

You’ll enter into an Agency Agreement with the salesperson of your choice and yourself. This agreement will need to be in place before any further work is taken. Your salesperson of choice will take you through this agreement and what happens next.

It’s important to feel comfortable asking your salesperson any questions around the whole selling process – from start to finish. Our PGG Wrightson salespeople are here to guide you through this process, and here to support your property goals.

Find your local agent or office and get started on your free appraisal.

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