Why is spring the best time to sell?
October 2022

Why is spring the best time to sell?

The property market picks up in spring and you may have heard that it’s one of the best times to sell. We delve into the top three reasons why spring is the best time to sell – no matter if you’re rurally based, on a lifestyle block, or in town.

1. Spring growth makes your land look great:

There is a reason why spring is associated with the colour green. After winter’s mud and potentially snow, the green grass and blossoms or new plants make every property look its best. This is especially important when it comes to photography and marketing, as the gardens or land will be looking their greenest and most inviting. Creating a welcoming and appealing space is key as people will judge the property based on how it looks.

Jo Priebee of PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Rangiora believes that spring is a strong time to sell, saying,

“Springtime is the perfect time to market and sell your lifestyle property. The mud has gone, and the grass is lush and green, colour is back in the gardens and the horses or cows look clean and happy.”

However, the new growth may make your property look overgrown and wild. Take this time to tidy the property and ensure it looks presentable. This is important as prospective purchasers may drive by the property and can make split judgements based on how it looks that will affect their decisions later.

2. Everyone else is in the market:

In spring, more people are looking to sell and purchase as the market opens up after the quieter winter months. This can benefit potential vendors as there is a bigger pool of potential purchasers in the market for them to sell their property to. A higher number of interested parties can increase the competition in the market in specific locations and property types. This can make different purchasers vie against each other and can result in a better price than anticipated on the property you’re wanting to sell.

For vendors wanting to move on and find another property, there are upsides to selling in spring as well. As there are more people in the market, there are more options of properties to view and consider. In quieter months, there aren’t as many properties to view, and you may need to compromise on what you’re looking for.

Michael Bickley from of PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Lincoln adds,

“The longer spring days see people moving more and getting active and prepared for summer.”

You may see more people attending open homes or farm inspection days in addition to listing their property on the market as they get organised after winter.

3. Get into the property before summer

Many people consider upcoming events and key life moments when looking to move. Listing in spring can be a practical choice. It gives the salesperson and yourself time to plan and prepare in advance when the market is slightly quieter. Allowing you to launch into the market with the best chance to succeed.

If you’re moving to another property, it gives you time and more opportunities to find your new home before Christmas. You have time to go to various open homes or farm inspection days, consider all options and not rush the selling process. Then have time to move in and be comfortable in your new home before the Christmas madness. This can make an already stressful Christmas period that much easier and give you more to celebrate over the holidays. If you love entertaining that means that you’ll be in the new place and ready to throw a New Year’s bash without any moving boxes in the way.

Other considerations can include schooling and getting set up and in the right place before the first term begins in the new year. It can be tricky for children or teenagers to move mid-year but moving early can help everyone settle into a new area before the year begins and have the best start to the following year.

To have enough time and not to feel rushed to get into the new property, listing your property in spring should get you enough time to sell and potentially purchase your new home. Spring typically has plenty of options on the market, which can make your journey to purchasing a new home easier, especially when searching for a property that needs to fit certain criteria. Give yourself the best opportunity of finding a property that ticks all the boxes, by having time to search and not rushing any decisions. This can make the process more relaxing and rewarding.

If you’re thinking about selling your rural, residential or lifestyle property this spring, contact a local PGG Wrightson Real Estate salesperson now.

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