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Barry Bunn’s honey mead recipe

April 2018

Here is Barry’s recipe for making a medium sweet mead with alcohol content of 13-14%: 

  • Equipment - 1 gallon jar with bubbler, funnel, 2kg honey, 1 gallon of water, 1 teaspoon wine nutrient, 1 packet white wine yeast, juice from 2 lemons, 1 campden tablet.
  • Sanitise everything before starting. You can use campden tablets to make a sterilising solution or use a commercially available product.
  • Pour honey into a 1 gallon jar, add water to make total volume equal to a gallon. Make sure the honey is dissolved. Add the wine nutrient and juice of the lemon. Add 1 campden tablet to the mix, put stopper on jar and leave overnight.
  • The next day make up a yeast starter according to its instructions. Add the yeast starter and put a bubbler on top of the jar. After a few hours activity will start in the bubbler with fermentation. After a couple of weeks activity will slow. At this point rack the mead to a secondary gallon jar leaving the sediment behind.
  • Leave in the jar till bubbler indicates fermentation has ceased (you can use a hydrometer).
  • When all activity has ceased leave for a week or two until the sediment has dropped to the bottom. Rack again if necessary.
  • When the mead is stable (no more sediment falls and it is clear) you can bottle it. One gallon gives about six and a half bottles after losses in racking.
  • Note - you can add fruit at the start of the process if you wish. Say you add 1kg of blackcurrants, you will need to top up water in your jar after first racking so water level is at 1 gallon.