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Lifestyle Collection Autumn Top Tip - Sustainable farming practices

February 2020

Autumn is here, so now is a great time to assess if any containers, drums or
agrichemicals on your property need recycling or collecting. Sound like a tedious task?
Thanks to Agrecovery it’s easy!

Agrecovery is a not-for-profit charitable trust established to address ‘on farm’ waste issues by providing farmers, lifestyle block owners and growers nationwide with a container recycling and collection programme.
Here at PGG Wrightson we are committed to supporting and encouraging farmers to use sustainable farming practices. In each of our 97 PGG Wrightson and Fruitfed Supplies stores, cardboard and paper recycling is provided along with a number of drop-off points for empty triple rinsed plastic containers as part of the Agrecovery programme.
Agricultural chemicals, animal health and dairy hygiene products present risks to both the environment and people when disposed of by burning or burying. Direct contact with dumped products presents health risks to both people and livestock, while ground seepage and residue from burning contaminates pollutes the land, air and water.

Here’s a quick guide on how to recycle containers and drums and organise the collection of agrichemicals from your
Agrichemical collection
Book your agrichemicals to be collected online at or call 0800 247 326. You will be notified when a collection is taking place in your area.
You need to triple rinse your 0 – 60L containers so they are eligible for recycling. This ensures the containers are
free of chemical residue and dirt. Go online to, select containers, and view the list of ‘participating brand owners’ to see if the containers are a part of this programme. To find your local drop off site go to events/.

Large drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
Large drums and IBCs can be collected for re-use or recycling from your property. They must be plastic and sized 61L – 1,000L. Just as with smaller containers the drums need to be triple rinsed to ensure they are free of chemical residue and dirt.
Go online to, select drums, and view the list of ‘participating brand owners’ to see if the drums are eligible for collection.
To have drums picked up from your property book online at or call 0800 247 326. Note you
require a minimum of four drums or one IBC to be eligible for on-farm collection.

Agrecovery recycles empty agrichemical containers, drums and IBCs. This plastic is made into useful new products right here in NZ.
Agrecovery also safely disposes of unwanted agrichemicals. Agrecovery is available to farmers and growers, and other users of agrichemicals, biological, dairy hygiene and animal health products. Go to and see how to get involved.


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